The London Sports Hall of Fame committee is looking for dedicated new members!

The committee is a duly constituted body of the London Sports Council. The Council was established in 2001 by the City of London in conjunction with various programs of senior governmental bodies. The Hall of Fame committee with strong support from City Council and luminaries of London’s sporting community – athletes, administrators, coaches, sponsors, builders – was jointly formed, reporting to the Board of Directors of the Sports Council.

The Sports Council bona fides include the following descriptors of the organization’s purpose:

  • Promoting the availability and benefits of sport
  • Advocating for equitable sport opportunities and facility development
  • Developing opportunities for networking and mentoring in the sport community
  • Providing leadership and a voice for collective sport initiatives
  • Celebrating sport achievements and the value of volunteers

The Hall of Fame committee operates under the constitution of the London Sports Council. The committee will consist of no more than 20 members, including one member from the City of London administration or council. A chairperson (chosen by the Hall of Fame committee and approved by the London Sports Council) will oversee the activities of the Hall of Fame Committee.

The objectives of the committee are to preserve the historical sports heritage of persons connected with the City of London/Middlesex County by:

  • Identifying sports achievements of persons connected with the City of London.
  • Promoting the study, practice, research, public interest, and knowledge of sports heritage in London.
  • Disseminating sports heritage information through publications, a dedicated website, displays, exhibits, and the media.
  • Handling all nominations and ensuring that balloting for potential inductees is conducted fairly and without prejudice.

Given the above information and that gleaned from other entries on this website (, those persons interested in joining the Hall of Fame committee are invited to do so by contacting Include a brief description of your background and the qualities you will bring to the committee.

If you have an interest in the history of sports in London, research, and event planning come join us.