January 13, 1914 to January 13 2014 … the life span, and still counting, of London Sports Hall of Fame inductee Ed Ervasti accepted by most observers of the game as the greatest senior golfer who ever lived. Ervasti and his friends and golfing opponents have long since lost track of the number of times he has shot his age or better. By his own admission in a Golf Monthly article, published in 2011, “I haven’t kept track, but routinely since in my 70’s, playing about 200 games a year, so probably more than 3,000 times.”

Ervasti is a member of the Ontario Golf Hall of Fame and the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame. He has amassed six Canadian Senior titles, 4 U.S. Senior Match Play championships, and an astounding 17 London Hunt and Country Club Senior titles. At age 85, he won the Kingsville G and CC seniors with a round of 72. He posted a similar score at London’s Sunningdale course in 2007 at age 93, thought to be the lowest round ever relative to the age of the golfer

An outstanding amateur throughout his life, Ervasti was born in Minnesota and raised in Michigan. An executive with Wolverine Tube he moved to London in 1965 to head that company here, retiring in 1976.

The London Sports Hall of Fame chose Ervasti as its second golf inductee in 2003. The inaugural class, the previous year, included C. Ross “Sandy” Somerville, Canada’s Golfer of the Half Century and a frequent playing partner of Ervasti, Wednesday afternoons at the Hunt Club. In a Londoner article, Ervasti described his friend as “a marvellous gentleman … you don’t see gentleman like him today.” Those who know Ervasti would be quick to argue that point, placing the diminutive centenarian in the same category.

Happy birthday Mr. Ervasti! May you enjoy many more.