2019 is now history and the London Sports Hall of Fame is open to nominations for induction in 2020.

Last year, we inducted kick-boxer Leo Loucks, London’s volleyball couple Jane and Vaughan Peckham, athlete and administrator deluxe Therese Quigley, and drag racing legend Scott Wilson.

We have nominations in the bank but we’re always open for more and also additional information about those already being considered.

Take a look at those already honoured by clicking on INDUCTEES on the home page banner. You’ll find a list of our Hall of Famers dating back to our inaugural year 2002. A further examination of several inductees (click on their name) will give you an idea of the credentials needed for induction.

Under NOMINATION FORM (also on the home page banner) is the basic form required to start the ball rolling toward consideration by our selection committee. Include as much information as possible about your nominee. Photos, newspaper clippings, letters of commendation, and video references are especially valuable to the committee.

Once completed, the information can be sent to the mailing address attention Bill Smith or to our e-mail address (getintouch@londonsportshalloffame.com).

Nominations for2020 must be received by the end of February. Anything after that goes into the file for consideration next year.

Our announcement date for 2020 honourees will be in May or early June. The official induction event will be held in early November. Stay tuned as we move through the year and start putting together information on your favourite candidate for Hall of Fame status.