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Jack Nash
Born: December 18, 1911
Died: 1993
Discipline: Golf
Years Active: 1929 - 1960
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Documenting the Nash family couldn’t be easier than A, B, C with golf the common denominator.

First, there was John A., the founder of the long-standing London jewellery business that has anchored the city’s downtown since 1918.
Then along came John B., or Jack as he became known because of his athletic prowess that made headlines with regularity.
And then there is Jack’s son, John C. a gifted athlete in his own right and like his grandfather and father, one who has a fondness for the game of golf.

But it was Jack who became a household name as he built an impeccable record as a leading amateur golfer and top competitor in curling and badminton. From the time he was runner-up in the 1929 and 1930 Ontario golf tournaments it was clear that Jack Nash was championship material.

Paired with his father, young Jack won the 1935 Ontario Father-Son championship. And from that point on, the trophy case in the Nash household bulged with awards and medals.

Consider this:
Jack reached the quarter-finals of the 1933 British Amateur; he was a competitor in the 1935 United States Amateur, three years after fellow Hall of Famer Sandy Somerville took the title; he has won the Ontario and national seniors titles; and he was a member of 12 Ontario Willingdon Cup teams.

Jack earned a hallowed spot on the walls of the London Hunt and Country Club by taking 13 club championships. In 1960 he led the Hunt team to the George S. Lyon trophy.

Continuing the family tradition started by his father, Jack combined with his sons to win five more Ontario Father/Son titles, twice with Rob and David and once with John C.

In addition to his golfing talents, Jack was a national finalist in badminton and won three Ontario men’s doubles titles. He was also a leading curler with the London Curling Club competing in four Ontario Consols events which were Brier qualifiers and won the consolation title in 1947. Jack took Ontario Colts titles in 1948 and 1950 and won two Ontario Silver Tankard’s 8-player team competition in 1948 and 1954. He took the Tankard consolation in 1956.

Jack was born on December 18, 1911. He died on January 4, 1993. The Ontario Golf Hall of Fame inducted him in 2001.