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1991 Western Basketball Mustangs
Born: 1991
Discipline: Basketball
Years Active: 1991-1992
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If there was a basketball team for the ages then the 1990-91 Western Mustangs fit the bill.

This group did Western purple proud by winning the CIAU men’s title, the first and only Mustang team to win a national basketball championship.
With head coach Craig Boydell at the controls assisted by Jim Allen, the team rolled to an overall record of 32 victories and 3 losses. The season truly belonged to them.
In the championship tourney, the Mustangs scored victories over Laurentian, Victoria, and Guelph, beating the Gryphons 78-69 in the final.
The team roster included John Stiefelmeyer, Peter Vandebovenkamp, Brian Does, Glenn Eastland, Jim Green, Steve King, Ryan Smith, Mike Partridge, Brendan Noonan, Mike Yuhasz, Michael Lynch, Dave Ormerod and Aaron Czaja. Terri Todd was the trainer and Marli Pinnau and Cindy Mar managers. Carl Grindstaff was the faculty advisor.