These eight categories pre-qualify a candidate to be considered for induction:

  • Birthplace
  • Education
  • Developmental years
  • Sports contributions
  • Residence during participation
  • Residence post-participation
  • Other contributions identified and associated with London / Middlesex County

Consideration will be given, but not limited to, those who qualify in more than one category. These categories will be supported by an evaluation criteria to assist in the selection process.

  • Choose a category:

    Modern: within the last 30 years
    Legend: 30 years or more past

    Athlete/Team: any individual or team that is identified with London/Middlesex Co. and has gained significant status or made significant contributions to local, regional, national, or international sports.

    Builder/Founder: including but not limited to coaches, officials, convenors, administrators, organizers, media, sponsors, trainers, doctors or other non-athletic persons who enhanced the development of London/Middlesex sports.
  • Nominee:

  • Nominator: